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In the summer of 1972, several families began to meet at the home of Bernie and Marion Draper for the purpose of organizing a Wesleyan Church in the Millerton area.  On August 19, Pastor Harry Barrigar met with this group of people and accepted their request to serve as pastor and church planting director.  The date of the first official service was September 24, 1972, which was held at the Millerton Fire Hall.  
Plans for construction of a church building were soon made. Eight months later ground breaking was held May 6, 1973 and the construction began the first of June and then on October 7, 1973, the congregation moved in the far from finished Church Building.
Pastor Harry Barrigar, the pioneer pastor has been followed by a succession of six pastors.
Pastor James Wilson, Pastor Charles Kent, Pastor Lynn Ensign,
Pastor Laurie Greenlaw, Pastor Luke and Pastor Carry Richards, Pastor Larry Johnson 

50th Celebration Video LINK

From Left to Right:

Back Row-
Dr. Matt Pickering (District Superintendent),
Steve Paul (7/12/81 - 5/31/83), Lynn Ensign (7/12/87 - 7/1/95), Charles Kent (1/7/85 - 7/11/87), Harry Barrigar (6/16/74 - 5/30/80), Larry Johnson (8/29/19 - current),
Laurie Greenlaw (7/9/95 - 9/21/17) 

Front Row- 
Carmen Pickering, Cindy Paul, Marsha Ensign, Linda Kent, Bess Barrigar, Circe Johnson

Missing From Picture-

Luke and Carry Richards
7/1/17 - 7/15/19
(Pictured on left)

Jim and Donna Willson 
6/76 - 7/8/84
(Pictured on right)
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