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NA Meetings

Monday 6pm 
The Narcotics Anonymous Meeting held at the Millerton Wesleyan Church

In 2007 NA members Gary D., Bob S.,
and Support Person Annie H. started an
NA Group. Gary and Bob wanted to live, rather than die in addiction.
To this day Gary says that Narcotics Anonymous saved his life. They decided to name the Group
“We Choose To Survive.”
The Group wanted to hold a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting in Millerton and needed to locate a place to hold it. The
Millerton Wesleyan Church offered to provide a room. Although the NA Meeting could not be affiliated with the Church, the Church was, and continues to be, very supportive.
The Open Meeting was scheduled to be held on
Mondays at 6:00 PM. Anyone may attend an Open Meeting. Addicts, family members, and
community members are all welcome.

*If anyone has questions, or needs more information, please call: 570-537-3028 
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