Sunday School Classes

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM


We have a brand new nursery well equipped to fit your needs.


Pre-kindergarten - Kindergarten taught by Karlene Shimko

We are teaching the children the simple stories in the Bible, starting with Adam and Eve, Noah, Jonah, David, etc. by using stories, crafts and coloring pages.


Children's Ministry Room 1st - 6th grade taught by June E. Dyke

The children are learning about living the extreme life. They are learning about extreme love, extreme forgiveness and extreme serving. Our next unit will be "Show me the Shepherd" where we will be learning about Jesus the Good Shepherd.


Junior Teens grades 6-8.taught by

Senior Teens grades 9-12, taught by Linda MacAuslan

We meet in the teen room-Room on the right-through the gym and next to the kitchen. We are beginning a 12 DVD series from Chip Ingram: “Why I Believe; Finding Answers to Life’s Most Difficult Questions.” This series addresses claims of the Christian faith such as: What happens when we die? Can miracles be explained? Is there really a God? The truth and reality of the Resurrection; and the intellectual feasibility of the Bible.  The series includes the following messages:

Adult Sunday School Classes

A new adult Class started today in Room 2 with Jeremy Castle as the teacher. For the next 3-4 weeks, he will be using Chip Ingram's DVD study of "Good To Great in God's Eyes". Following that, he will be teaching on what holy living means for Christians. We are called to be holy and live holy in the scriptures, and although we can never reach the holiness of God, we have the potential of holiness because of Holy Spirit living within us when we trust in Jesus as Savior. Come and learn with Jeremy and others as these topics are explored with God's Word as the guide.


The focus of the adult Class taught by John Shimko in the conference room at the office complex has been a study of various books of the Bible.  John writes: "We have completed a studies of James, Ephesians, First and Second Timothy, Titus, Jude and Revelation. At the present time we are doing a study of the various Doctrines of the Bible.  It is very important that we as Christians know what we believe and why we believe it.  We are studying doctrines such as Theology, the doctrine of God; Christology, the doctrine of Christ; Pneumatology, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.  These three are doctrines that we are familiar with but need to understand the complete work of each part of the Trinity.  We will be continuing with the doctrines concerning the Bible, man, salvation, angels and demons, the church and end times. We invite anyone who is interested in informal study of the Scriptures."


The adult class that meets in Room 4 off the gym and is taught by Cynthia Cook continues using extensive study material on books of the Bible that was started by Dick Smith which his wife Pat continues to share. At present they are studying II Timothy.

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